Bible in One Year Challenge

    Read the bible in a year


    Whether you're reading for devotional, cultural, or personal reasons, a year is a reasonable amount of time in which to read the Bible. Before you begin, take some time to consider how you would like to approach your task. You can read alone or in a group. You can read one translation of the Bible or several. You can read the Bible with or without commentary or context. Pace yourself and track your progress.

    Choosing How to Read

    1. Time yourself.

    2. Count your pages. Take the number of pages in your edition of the Bible and divide it by 365. Then, read that number of pages every day. For example, if your edition of the Bible has 1,760 pages, that's 4.8 pages a day. Round up and read 5 pages a day.

    3. Read with others.

    4. Read in a way that commands your focus. Morning person or read in sections.

    5. Listen to an audio Bible.

    6. Read with prayer. If you are reading for purposes of devotion, include your reading in your daily faith routine. Pray before or after you read.

    Read purposefully, as if you were praying. Ask for guidance in your reading. Read with a question in mind or read blindly and allow your mind to absorb the wisdom of the words.